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We are always looking for hard-working and dependable workers to join our team.

We offer competitive wages, retirement plan, paid holidays, paid vacations and group health insurance.

Southeast Painters is an equal opportunity employer.

Type of employment desired:
If you are under 18, can you furnish a work permit if required?
Can you submit proof of legal employment authorization and identity?
Can you readily produce an original Social Security card in your present name for payroll purposes?
Have you ever been charged or convicted of a misdemeanor, felony or criminal activity in the last seven years (other than minor traffic violations)?
Is your driver's license valid?
Have you worked for Southeast Painters previously?
Have you read the job description for the position you are applying and do you understand and agree that you can perform the task described?


Please provide all employment information for your past three employers starting with the most recent.

If presently employed, may we contact your employer?



The purpose of this release is to allow Southeast Painters, Inc., or their assigns, to obtain pre-employment information which may include any lawful investigation of my educational background and criminal, driving and employment histories, while maintaining compliance with all governmental laws.


If the company considers the background checks unfavorable, I agree that Southeast Painters, Inc. may deny me the assignment or discharge me from employment, I release Southeast Painters, Inc., its officers, agents, and employees from all liability resulting from the collection, use, or disclosure of the information obtained during the above investigation. I certify that the information contained within the employment application is complete and true. I have read this release and consent, understand its terms, realize its significance, and sign voluntarily. I am willingly providing the following information necessary for the above investigation and understand that this information is being used for verification purposes only.

Do you agree with the terms listed above?

Thanks for applying!

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