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A Jewel Sits on
Round Top Mountain

Burritt on the Mountain ...a historic mansion

and park overlooks Huntsville, Alabama

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Born in Huntsville in 1869, Dr. William Henry Burritt would choose the same career path as his father and grandfather, becoming a homeopathic physician.

Dr. Burritt married Pearl Budd Johnson in 1892, but the marriage ended tragically just a few years later upon Pearl’s death from complications following an appendectomy.


Several years later, in the summer of 1899, Dr. Burritt met a wealthy widow, Mrs. Josephine T. Drummond of St. Louis. They would soon marry and live in St. Louis, MO. It was during this time that Dr. Burritt would become involved in the manufacturing of rubber products which would shift his attention away from his medical career. Upon Josie’s death in 1933, Dr. Burritt decided to return to Huntsville as a very wealthy man having created a number of tire patents.

Dr. Burritt chose to build his retirement home on a 167-acre portion of Monte Sano, known as Round Top Mountain.  Construction on the unique X-shaped house began in 1934.

Dr. Burritt lived in the unique and beautiful mansion with the assistance of a housekeeper and grounds caretaker until his death in 1955.


Having no heirs from his marriages, Dr. Burritt left the mansion and surrounding property to the City of Huntsville to be operated as a museum. The open area behind the historic mansion once served as Dr. Burritt’s fruit and vegetable farm, and he also operated a goat dairy on the hillside. These areas have been meticulously restored to resemble the way life was at the turn of the last century as well as the time when Dr. Burritt lived on the property.

Burritt on the Mountain is a wonderful asset to Huntsville. With its walking trails, period-style buildings, play areas for the kids, farm animals, lovely views of the city of Huntsville, and historical significance it is a great place to visit for the whole family!


Burritt on the Mountain plays host to many events throughout the year. From weddings and concerts to wine tastings and various other social functions. They had a need for a large pavilion for their growing list of events. After much planning on a structure that could serve their needs, Pearce Construction out of Huntsville was called on to add another jewel to the estate. 

The new pavilion is a beautiful addition to the property and seamlessly blends in with all the other structures on the property. It gives the staff so many more options for events.


We were fortunate to once again have an opportunity to work with the folks at Pearce Construction ...we have worked with them on several projects in the past. After the first drive up that mountain, we realized this is an important job not only for Burritt on the Mountain but for the city of Huntsville as well.


What an honor to be a part of this project!

Our work at the pavilion consisted of staining all of the exposed wood throughout the structure. We chose Wordscapes solid color stain by Sherwin-Williams. We have applied it to hundreds of projects over the years and we highly recommend it. We couldn't be more proud of the results!


The new pavilion at Burritt on the Mountain was finished in the spring of 2022.

What a wonderful addition to the estate!


Yes, we truly have been painting the south for
over 30 years.

Painting the south for all these years ...thousands of projects and of course, each project presents its own challenges and memories. The Pavilion will be a project we will always remember fondly. Early morning with a cup of coffee while overlooking the wonderful town of Huntsville is not a bad way to start your day.


Thanks to the friends and staff at Burritt on the Mountain and thanks to everyone at Pearce Construction ...we look forward to working with you again!


Thank you for the opportunity!

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