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We have been blessed with quite a bit of work throughout the Great State of Texas over the years. Office buildings, hospitals, shopping malls …seemingly always big jobs ‘cause, well, IT IS Texas.

By the fact that we have made many trips from the land of Davy Crockett to the home state of Sam Houston, we have learned our way around certain parts and have eaten BBQ at some of the more well-known purveyors of smoked meat.

It's also how we discovered Buc-ee's


When you're busy painting the south, you find yourself taking many road trips. On one such adventure in 2004, we found ourselves in need of a few essentials; a nature call was also required, and some gas in the tank would be just wonderful.


The day was ever so slowly disappearing in multiple hues while our F-250 was gripping the steamy pavement of Luling, Texas ...home of about 5,000 folks, the Original City Market BBQ, and up ahead, a big ol' convenience store, with bunches and bunches of pumps. Finally, to our amazement, we collectively realized we had done stumbled upon an honest-to-goodness American treasure.

Looking back, we don't know just how many gas pumps were surrounding that establishment on that particular evening, but we do recall there were many times more than we were accustomed to.


The setting sun absolutely seemed to frame the entire scene in all of its wholesome beauty. In awe, we waited patiently on a director to yell "CUT" ...surely, this just had to be a movie set, and we were not about to ruin the take.


Of course, it's always good news around the office when we land a new project, but this particular day and this particular project was just a little different. It's kinda like meeting one of your heroes and getting a picture and an autograph ...the moment sticks with you.


“Buc-ee’s is coming to town boys and we’re doing the painting.”


A couple of us remember that night in Luling ...that magical night when we ended up with not only a huge haul of goodies and a full tank of gas but a stuffed beaver that rode with us the rest of the way.

Now, coming to town actually meant just down the road in Calhoun, Georgia ...about 35 minutes south of us, straight down I-75. Berry Construction, just a mile from us in downtown Chattanooga served as the general contractor. We've worked with them on several projects over the years, and we soon found they were all as excited as we were to get our very own Buc-ee's. The site superintendents were Bill Duggal and Ben Ingvalson.

Our work consisted of:

  • Back Rooms and Storage Rooms: Complete application of Sherwin-Williams Super Paint to all the back rooms and storage rooms throughout the massive building.

  • Door Frames: We also detailed the door frames with each receiving several coats of Industrial Enamel paint from Sherwin-Williams.

Brisket baby_edited.jpg

August 23, 2021

The doors opened wide on the newest Buc-ee's ...right there on exit 310 in Calhoun, Georgia. Those same doors will open wide 24/7/365 for all your traveling pleasures and needs. Need some gas? Something to eat? Kids can't wait for another exit? Looking for a smoker? Toys? Do they have toys!


How about some home decorative items, a bag of sliced brisket sammies, a new fishing shirt, some Beaver Nuggets, and of course, turn the kids loose in a sweets department that Willy Wonka would envy. Oh yeah, now we're talking.


It's Buc-ee's, and doggone it's a good thing.


Beaver Aplin, President, CEO, and Co-Founder of Buc-ee’s, just strolling through the store at the Calhoun grand opening. 

From that road trip in Luling all those years ago to Calhoun ....yep, it was one of those “come full circle” kinda days. Got the picture just didn't get the autograph!

Nice meeting you, and we appreciate ya, Beaver.

​​We can’t wait for Crossville and Sevierville!

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