Journeying through the scenic byways of the Southeast, the Southeast Painters team has had the privilege of working on projects that blend artistry with function. Our venture with the Bass Pro Shops in Morgantown, West Virginia was a chapter we’ll forever cherish.

The Road to Morgantown: More Than Just a Route

Our collaboration began in May 2021. While the world sees commercial painting as merely a job, for us, every assignment is a quest, an adventure. Our path took us through the cultural heart of Chattanooga, the vibrant lanes of Knoxville, and the historic core of Bristol. An essential aspect of our trips was the culinary break at the Burger Bar – a haven for burger lovers. If you ever find yourself in Bristol, a trip to the Burger Bar is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss.

Along these trips, nature painted its canvases with mountains and rivers that seemed to echo the timeless tunes of John Denver. And with each trip, our vision for the project grew clearer. We wrapped up our preliminary journeys on October 24th, 2021.

Understanding the Essence of Bass Pro Shops

You see, Bass Pro Shops is not just a retail space. It’s a narrative, a tale of the outdoors lovingly crafted for the indoors. The interiors boast of majestic logs, indigenous rock formations, expansive aquariums filled with native fish, and tranquil water elements that make visitors feel one with nature.

Each store is meticulously designed. The walls aren’t mere structures; they’re storytellers narrating tales of fishing expeditions, camping trips, and outdoor adventures. The essence of each location is captured with photographs, artifacts, and memorabilia that scream of the local outdoor legacy. Likening it to Disney World for nature buffs wouldn’t be an overstatement.

Working on such an iconic brand? It was an honor, a responsibility we bore with pride and precision.

Delving Deeper into Our Craft at Bass Pro Shops

Interior Works:

The interiors of a store are its soul. Our primary goal was to ensure that the gypsum board ceilings and walls weren’t just sturdy but also aesthetically pleasing. The exposed structure ceilings were painted with precision, offering the spacious environment a touch of intimacy.

Attention to detail is our mantra. So, every nook and cranny, be it the hollow metal doors, frames, or the OH door frames, was given meticulous attention. The metal stair components and columns were adorned to reflect durability with a touch of elegance.

What sets Bass Pro Shops apart are its distinctive features. The boat center and aquarium rails and walls weren’t just structures but centerpieces, deserving special attention. The handrails, often overlooked, were painted with a precision that seamlessly blended functionality with design.

Exterior Works:

Exteriors define the first impressions. Our work extended beyond just the basics. The hollow metal doors, frames, and the OH door frames were crafted to endure the elements. The louvre and flag pole base were fortified and beautified to stand tall, reflecting the store’s legacy.

The concrete masonry textured walls were given a rugged finish, aligning with the store’s ethos. The fiberglass logs columns and brackets were treated with coatings that ensured longevity while retaining the natural vibe. The lap and shake siding misc wood trims were delicately treated, preserving their rustic charm.

At Southeast Painters, our trust lies in the quality of Sherwin Williams products. Their range resonates with our promise of excellence and longevity.

In Retrospect

Every brush stroke at the Bass Pro Shops in Morgantown was a testament to Southeast Painters’ commitment to perfection. We do not just paint; we breathe life into spaces. Our collaboration with Bass Pro Shops wasn’t just a project; it was a symphony of art and architecture.

For unparalleled commercial painting services, with a touch of passion and precision, Southeast Painters remains at your service.

Reflecting on Our Legacy

Our journey with the Bass Pro Shops in Morgantown, West Virginia, transcends the narrative of a standard commercial painting assignment. It was an endeavor of passion, precision, and a deep understanding of the space’s ethos.

Over the years, Southeast Painters has undertaken numerous projects, but our collaboration with Bass Pro Shops stands out not just due to the scale, but because of the blend of artistic and functional demands it presented. Every corner of the store required a unique touch – from the rugged exteriors that had to echo the call of the wilderness, to the cozy interiors, mirroring the warmth of a log cabin.

Every detail mattered. From the way the fiberglass logs columns stood against the West Virginia sky to the way light reflected off the gypsum board walls inside, our team approached each aspect with dedication and a meticulous eye. This wasn’t just about aesthetics but also about creating a space that would stand the test of time, inviting visitors for years to come.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the unwavering support of the Bass Pro Shops team. Their vision and understanding of their brand helped guide our brushes. Their feedback and collaboration were instrumental in realizing the finished look we’re all so proud of today.

Forward into the Horizon

As we wrap up our reflection on this monumental project, we’re filled with gratitude. Gratitude for the opportunities we’ve had, for the trust our clients place in us, and for the artistry our team brings to the table day after day.

Southeast Painters isn’t just about colors and walls; it’s about understanding spaces, resonating with brands, and creating environments that evoke emotions. Our work with Bass Pro Shops in Morgantown is a testament to that commitment, and as we move forward, our mission remains unchanged: to paint the world beautifully, one project at a time.

For those seeking a partner who understands the nuances of commercial painting, who values collaboration, and who strives for excellence, we welcome you to reach out. Let’s create something memorable together.

Thank you for joining us on this journey, and we look forward to many more adventures ahead. Schedule your free estimate with us today!